Earlier this week I shared an important message internally with the CareLinx team and felt it was important to make it available to our clients, caregiver community, and partners. You can read the letter below.

June 2, 2020  

RE: Standing United Against Racial Injustices  

My CareLinx Family,  

I wanted to reach out and share with you how I am feeling. The senseless deaths and injustices that have occurred recently, specifically the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other black lives taken unjustly are appalling and heartbreaking.

Now more than ever, we need to work together to demand sweeping changes to our justice system that holds everyone accountable for unjustly killing innocent people. Nobody is above the law.  

I have always believed that diversity and inclusion are core parts of who we are and what we stand for. It’s an important part of what makes CareLinx so special. But this past week of tragic events has made me realize that we are often silent, starting with me, on the racial injustice and discrimination that our colleagues and friends face every day. We can no longer be silent on this issue that so deeply impacts our coworkers, their families and friends, and the community of caregivers that we serve.

It is time for hard conversations about the deep-rooted racism in our society. Otherwise, these traumatic events will continue to happen. We must approach each other respectfully, with empathy and love for one another. Each of us must do the hard work of educating ourselves about these critical issues, creating a safe space for others to share their experience and work towards creating a world where all people, especially black people, are treated equally.  

We often refer to our team as a family, we care and support each other but I would be remiss to ignore that some of our colleagues have been feeling unheard, unseen, or alone in their grief. This is a blindspot that we must and will correct immediately. I encourage each of you to reach out, talk to your colleagues, be open to learning, have understanding and compassion. I realize that many of us don’t yet know how to have the conversations, myself included, but the first step is to welcome having these conversations.  

CareLinx has always strived to elevate, honor, and dignify the work of professional caregivers. The professional caregiver workforce is largely made up of women of color, who are increasingly vulnerable to racial disparities and gender discrimination. We have a duty to show up now and every day in the future for these caregivers.

CareLinx has long been a proponent of measures that improve both pay and working conditions for caregivers, joining the SEIU in their ‘Fight for 15’ to demand a living wage for caregivers and the National Domestic Workers Alliance in the Good Work Code which promotes fair work and protections.

I strongly encourage others to speak out and do all they can to protect communities of color against these racial injustices so that together, we can begin transforming our society into one that is fair and just for all people.  

Sherwin Sheik, CareLinx CEO

June 4, 2020
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