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I am a RN who has been caring for my father since diagnosed with kidney cancer after battling bladder cancer two years ago. Through this caretaker position I have gained experience working with physicians/nurses/healthcare workers, learning how to organize/prioritize tasks surrounding his care and therapeutically communicating with him and the family. My decision to enter the health care as a nurse came from caring for my mother who has battled cancer for the past 13 years, first breast cancer and then bone cancer. Being involved with her post-op mastectomy care, taking her to chemotherapy and radiation treatments and the aftercare of such treatments has given me an insight into oncology, medical-surgical, senior health, nutrition, and health teaching. I have recently completed a job on the Acute Rehab unit at CPMC Davies Hospital, caring for patients that suffer complex catastrophic injuries/illnesses, i.e. stroke, spinal cord/brain injuries, amputation, hip fracture, neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis. I have gained expertise in transfer techniques and bowel treatment programs as well as physical/occupational therapy and daily caretaking responsibilities including bathing, fall prevention, cleaning, meals, etc. I enjoy working as a nurse and caretaker because I love to help individuals progress whether that be through motivation or assistance in maintaining their dignity and ability to continue their activities of daily living (ADLs) as much as possible.
I just turned 21 October 8th. I graduated last year from a music/business college in Pasadena ca. I have my Associates degree now. I'm currently working on a clothing site. I've now moving back to Oakland for good since I'm taking care of my grandpa. I love helping people especially people who are elderly, less fortunate, or disabled, that's definitely one of my passions! My mom has an agency for adults who are disabled and she has been doing this since before I was born. I learned from a very young age how to take care of people who are mentally or physically I'll, or disabled by certain experiences I've had with her clients. I also helped take care of my grandma years ago up until she passed from cancer. Shortly after when my grandpa was sick I took care of him up until I left for college. When I graduated college he got sicker, so now I'm back in Oakland taking care of him and he's doing great. I also took care of my mom while she was battling cancer and she passed a few weeks ago. One of the best achievements I'm proud of is saving my grandpas live by changing his diet and staying on top of his meds, he almost passed in January of 2018 he's done a whole 360 and is going to be 80 in January 2019. The doctors gave him a certain amount of time to live. He wasn't walking or talking, and being tube fed. His conditions were diabetes and congestive heart failure, but my sister and I did research on his condition, hired him a chef, got him physical, and speech therapy and now he is doing great. No more tube feeding! Since I know a lot about health and certain health conditions that others might not know about I like to share my knowledge and help save lives the best I can. Some of my dreams are to own my own businesses and be a singer.