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My nurse sister own a care home facility and that is where I started to learn how to provide care services, these includes but not limited to assistance to personal needs, bathing and grooming,dressing assistance, incontinent care, food preparation, med reminder, transportation etc. Clients are like my parents whom I enjoyed to serve or help if they can't do things by their own. We talk like good friends, good companionship's...telling stories or memories in the past which they enjoyed very much to talk about. I prepare good food for them, eat with them just like in a family. My availability is either in live-in or live- out services for almost any kind of clients conditions, like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or any other medical- health conditions. For more than 10 years as a caregiver I learned how to cook different cuisine, like Japanese foods, Chinese foods, American food etc.,because I worked with clients of different ethnicity. I learned how to adjust myself to clients of different personality.Not all clients are the same, some are good, easy to get along with and some needs little adjustments. I developed my own subtle ways on how to deal well to every clients personality. For so many years working as a caregiver, I'm proud to say I was able to support and give good education to my children. I'm still a caregiver and love this kind of job as long as I'm strong and able to apply my skills to give comfort for my clients. My previous clients and their