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Hello Sarah MacKay, here! Thank-you so much for your time and interest. I have been caregiving for over 20 years. I'm a licensed CNA2. I've done many years of in-home caregiving and I've also worked within the Hospital Systems in Portland, Or. I've worked with Elders, Cancer Patients, Surgery Aftercare, Transplant Patients (OHSU) and Hospice (Legacy). I also spent years being a Birth & Postpartum Doula within my small business Sweet Mama Care starting in 1996. I've been working full-time with the dying since 2009. I've worn many different End Of Life hats over the years. I've supported people professionally as a PCA, Hospice Home Health Aide, Hospice Volunteer, CNA, CNA2, Personal Care Manager, Team Lead on EOL cases, an EOL Doula, Vigil Participant, Death With Dignity Passages Participant, Hospice HHA Trainer and EOL Choices Resource Coordinator. Please feel free to check out two websites I've created in 2019 so that My People can find me quicker and I can get them connected to the resources they desire. End Of Life Care Giving, LLC: Resource Website: I will be creating an additional website for more traditional long-term clientele. I take on clients needing long-term care in special cases. I'll be specifically highlighting two demographics there: the Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Recovery work I do and The Queen Bee's (little old ladies 85+) that I absolutely love and adore.
I have been a CNA for 12 years, obtaining my license in 2006 and renewing through 2017. For the last 2 years, I was the supervisor for my client's healthcare plan. Because I was not working under the auspices of an RN, submitting the required number of hours under a supervisor, my license lapsed. The skills and experience gained throughout that time are still strong, ever expanding for the best possible healthcare outcomes. The first part of my career was spent in the nonprofit sector as a successful administrator. Then my father had his first stroke. I had always promised that he would be taken care of by his family for as long as possible when the time came, and the time had come. He moved into my home and I realized that I actually was very good at caregiving. When my father passed away, I moved to Portland, OR and got my license as a CNA in 2006. I also have a BS in Sociology with a minor in Fine Art, did post graduate work in various behavioral therapies and have spent many years studying complimentary healing modalities. I even spent a few years as an Activity Coordinator for an Assisted Living Center. Love cooking, gardening and pets. I co-owned a cleaning company and was a caterer in the past so I am very familiar with the high standards you deserve. My clients and their families have given me some of the most profound, loving experiences of my life. Together, with client, family and healthcare providers, we will create a progressive and responsive support system. Is your home arranged to serve you best? Does the food that you eat heal or harm you? Have you used an advocate to go to doctor visits with you so you have every advantage for clear and useful information? Is there beauty in your life? What do you want to do with the rest of your life? How can I help you? These are the questions we will answer together. I promise to be professional, responsible, kind, empathetic and meticulous for and with you.