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Objective: I am currently seeking a challenging, long-term opportunity with a sound employer. My career to date has provided me with extensive experience in a variety of environments making me highly adaptable. If you are seeking a highly capable experience person, I take an ideal candidate. Major Attributes: I am a very hard worker and a very accountable person. I thrive on having responsibilities. I strive to do my work to the best of my abilities and on time. I ara a very compassionate person and have empathy towards people in need of help. In addition, I am very respectful and well spoken. I have the ability to understand and apply my experience to a situation to help in and way possible. Experience: private Resident-Private Caregiver Part-Time. (2009-) Private Resident-Private Caregiver Part-Time .(2006-2007) Home With Help Caregiver-Part Time. (2000-2006) Private Resident in New Mexico. (1975-1980) Education Transistors Academy C.N.A.'s - Certificate (March 2009) Arizona Desert Rose Training & Consultation Manager Training 2002 In supervisory care services, Personal care services, and directed care services. Up to date CPR Training, First Aid Certification, Up to date TB Test GED received at Rio Salado Community College (1996) Personal: Ive been Hiving in Phoenix, Arizona since 1988.1 enjoy spending time with my family. I like to go fishing, gardening, cooking, and camping. Furthermore, I have the ability to make people smile. Key Summary: I enjoy my career immensely. I find joy in helping those in need. I have many letters of recommendation from past employers. Helping people in need is what I do best. References: Available upon request.