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I am a mother of 3 adult children and currently living with the youngest one who goes to college. I am currently working few hours just on call as needed by an agency. i am a certified nursing assistant and have 6 years experience in health care jobs. I worked with different agencies and different patients of which most of them have dementia and mobility issue diseases. My duties include transfer and mobility using wheel chairs or walkers but not limited to light house keeping, preparing meals,bathing and dressing,grooming toileting and medical reminders. My traits include patience, calmness in character and like to learn new things. I also like to listen and ask what questions on what i am not familiar with especially in the character of a new client. I am also a certified nursing assistant. I became attracted and passionate about caring giving since 2012 when i joined health care services a year after arriving here in America. My spiritual brief also empowers me to love and care for those that deserved to be taken care of and feel empathetic especially to those that are not able to do it for themselves and i believe that is what makes me a great caregiver. How i got attracted to care giving , is the facts of availability of job opportunities, realizing the US aging population of "baby boomers" may result in increasing demand of caregivers and home care homes and hence the work place will be more in the e next 10-20 years . What i enjoy most being a caregiver is the satisfaction i get when i realize that i have made a difference in someone's life who would be otherwise stuck in a situation that he/she may not handle on daily basis. What i have achieved as a person is the knowledge i get through experience and training. As a Certified nursing assistant i have confidence to do my job in the best way i can and have the assurance to be financially dependent which is a great achievement.