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Hi there! My name is Charla Webb & I have been a private caregiver for over 15 years now. I am a single Mom of 3 AMAZING teenage boys that are my life! I graduated from College in 2002 with my Nursing degree, but shortly after found out my Sister had Cancer. I helped care for her & then shortly after my Father as well. The time I spent caring for them made me realize my purpose... caregiving. I had obtained the medical knowledge needed from College & the other requirements that cannot be taught: Compassion & the desire to help others has always been in my heart! So, that is how I realized my calling & came to be what I love doing... a Caregiver. I can work 24/7 live-in or out, any days/hours. I have a few colleagues like myself that (if available), could help cover 24-hour care should you ever require or desire. I try my best to make your load lighter & your days brighter! I have experience working with Patients with: Alzheimer's, Dementia, Diabetes, Cancer, Strokes, Aneurisms, Paralization, Special Needs (Adults & Children), & more. Some Patients just wanted a warm body to "be there" to ensure they were ok, that they didn't fall or get hurt trying to cook & it gives them peace of mind & their families as well! I am a very energetic person & keep myself busy helping in any way needed. I don't mind doing light housework, cooking, transporting to Dr. appts, grocery store etc. I'm very organized & prompt & feel this type of work especially requires those skills along with empathy, patience, observing, communicative & most importantly POSITIVITY! Caregiving requires you to have a certain level of compassion & a true desire to help. I admit that I do get attached to my Patients as it's hard not to! I would feel it an absolute honor & privilege to give you/your loved one my VERY best care. I have a list of references if needed & would love to talk with you further. My cell number is 864 359 7759, I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day!
All my life I have been a service-oriented person-a people person. I feel that this is the talent that God gave to me. When I was in high school and trying to decide whether to be a nurse or a teacher, I leaned toward nursing. I won an Elks Scholarship which I used at Greenville General School of Nursing in Greenville, S.C. I did not complete my studies there but the groundwork was laid. For a few years, I devoted myself to my family and worked at other types of jobs when I needed to work. After my second daughter turned four, I began a Nurse's Aide course at the local vocational school. I was hired, that fall, at the brand new nursing home which as built in Union. While working at Oakmont of Union (renamed Heartland), I earned monetary bonuses every six months for perfect attendance. I accomplished that for several years. They printed an article in their newsletter about me and my perfect attendance record. In 1984, while working at Oakmont of Union, I began classes at Rutledge College in Spartanburg, S.C. During the two years I attended there, I worked first shift at Oakmont, donated plasma twice a week and maintained a 4.0 GPA. Upon graduation, I received an Associate's Degree in Applied Science (the course was called Medical Administrative Assistant). When I work with a patient, I prefer the home setting where I can concentrate on just that one patient and give that person my undivided attention. I like to leave feeling good about the care I gave