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A caregiver of seven years trained to handle a variety of health and behavioral situations, I am aware of the impulse of families to want to ensure the health and well-being of loved ones. The help may just call for daily living activities with extra touches that make life worthwhile: decent exercise, tasty healthy meals, a clean, pleasant environment, a good listener and conversationalist, and kind, competent care. Some situations, however, require attending to seemingly insignificant, but crucial tasks, such as reminders to drink enough liquids, to move body and limbs periodically to avoid pressure points and muscle atrophy. I believe my care is dispensed with respect, kindness, and purpose, mindful their need for such greater than ever. A general "How are you?" might be followed with a specific "Do you feel dizzy",; and too long a spell on the couch will suggest an exercise or outside to smell the roses. The idea, above all, is to provide for the well-being of body and soul. A wise tip I learned is to give old people something to look forward to, whether a fun treat or an item in their bucket list. It may not always be possible, but sometimes, even just trying helps. My career history is eclectic, but caregiving suits me because I believe I make a difference in the lives of those in my care; more often than not, the tables are turned to make me pay attention. I consider my charges' health and well-being challenges, such as easing a cynic's attitude with kindness or making one's last days a comfort. By researching and learning about their ailments before I take over, I make certain I "do no harm". I have gained hands on and annual online training from Home Health Aide courses and nurse delegated work. An energetic, resourceful worker, I offer empathy, kindness, and a bright outlook. They are what I gave my mom, now lovingly sent off to join dad, with plenty to spare for others.
I am a WA state licensed home care aide (HCA) with NAR certification for nurse-delegated tasks. I have experience in dementia care, diabetes management, colostomy care, in-home rehab exercises, respite care, transfers and assist in ADLs. I can also do errands and light chores including pet care. I own and drive a reliable personal vehicle to go to work and I will be prepared to drive clients to appointments and outings in their own private vehicles. I have a perfect driving record. I also have experience in operating almost all common home care medical equipment, O2 tanks, CPAP machines, lifts, nebulizers, blood glucose testing kits, and blood pressure kits among others. I can also manage non-sterile wound care such as pressure sores. I am prepared and willing to manage and facilitate communication between care team members, medical and healthcare professionals. I can also set up medical appointments, emergency care and transportation, organize medications and changes in prescriptions, file medical records for on-going healthcare reference. I am people-oriented and professional in conduct and appearance and I work with utmost confidentiality and will be prepared to sign NDAs if required. I currently look after morning and evening care for two quadriplegic gentlemen, one started attending UW this fall semester and another is a neighbor in West Seattle. I am male, just turned 50 this year, of mixed Asian heritage, I am university educated in the Philippines and a practicing Catholic at the St. James Parish in Seattle. I am seeking a part-time live-out position.
what are your personality traits that help you be a great caregiver? Some personality traits that make me a great caregiver are my abilities to communicate well with the people I am taking care of and to ensure I am doing my best in taking care of the person. Additionally, I work hard to be patient as a caregiver so that the interactions I have with the persons go smoothly. I also try my best to empathize with the people I am taking care of in that way I make them feel welcome and appreciated, I also try my best to pay attention to little details in case a problems occurs I can identify it ahead of time and communicate with other people to try and resolve the problem. What attracted you to being a caregiver? What attracted me to becoming a caregiver it the opportunity I would have to nurture for other people. I enjoy helping people and this was an opportunity to take care of people. What do you enjoy most about being a caregiver? What I enjoy most about being a caregiver are the conversations I can sometimes have with the people I am taking care of (if their medical situations allows). Most of the elderly are in vulnerable positions, having others take care of them, and It is important to have someone they can trust and talk to. I learn so much from the elderly and they learn about me and my cultural background, if they ask. What is a personal achievement you are proud of? Some of the personal achievements I am proud of include being thanked by family members for the work I am doing. About me: My name is Abigail Haile and I have been a caregiver for over ten years, I have experience in Adult family homes, senior living centers, care giving agencies and I have been a caregiver for all age groups and people with various medical conditions including disabilities.