Aging at home, not stuck at home

CareRides provides convenient, reliable transportation from Lyft with the assistance of trusted caregivers from CareLinx to increase the independence and mobility of your loved ones.

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Get rides for loved ones

even when you can’t be there.

You can’t always be there in person, but you can still make sure that your loved ones get to where they need to go. CareRides allows you and your caregivers to order rides for your loved one and sends you updates along the way.

Peace of mind

“Door-through-door” care so you know your loved ones get to their destination safely.

Smart & hassle-free

Rides are easy to order, at home or on the phone. Just tap and relax while we do the rest.

Budget friendly

Our rides are up to 55% less expensive than taxi rides.

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Peace of mind

“Door-through-door” care so you know your loved one gets to their destination safely.

  • Caregiver assistance

  • Background checks

  • Real time updates

Smart & hassle-free

Just tap and relax while we do the rest.

  • Care Team on the ride

    CareLinx caregivers equipped with digital tools to make caregiving easier & more transparent

  • Ready ride in minutes

    With 4+ million weekly rides across 200+ cities, a Lyft ride is always just minutes away. No reservations needed.

  • Smart rides, even without a smart phone

    CareRides also works on desktop and we send both text and email, so you can order and track a ride on any device.

  • One place for all your care needs

    No separate Lyft account needed! Your CareLinx account can be used for everything from hiring caregivers, managing Care Plans, to ordering CareRides.

Safe & caring service that is also budget-friendly

Save up to 55% compared to a taxi service.

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