Partnership opportunities for home healthcare agencies

Partnership opportunities for home healthcare agencies

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Close ADL gaps, slash Medicare costs in half

Improve senior health outcomes and slash Medicare healthcare costs in half1  by addressing seniors’ activities of daily living (ADLs) gaps with home care.

Address SDOH factors

Address the social determinants of health (SDOH) factors outside the medical system that account for 75 percent of senior health with home care and further improve health and cost outcomes.

Maximize clinical workforce

Keep scarce, high-wage clinical talent working at the top of their licenses and save money by shifting non-clinical in-home work to lower-cost CareLinx caregivers. Achieve lower costs and new revenue streams without building a network or incurring overhead.

Caregiver services

Our caregivers offer a vast range of services for activities of daily living as and when you need them, including:








Med reminders



Caregiver network

Easily scale or expand into desired geographies with our tech-and data-enabled workforce.

Interventions and care management opportunities

Manage population health with data from inside the home, provided by CareLinx caregivers. Review assessments, care plan data, visit checklists and automated alerts. Intervene in-home when health metrics demonstrate risk and assign tasks to our caregivers or seamlessly coordinate care with the stakeholders and providers of your choice. Our data and systems are HIPAA compliant and HITRUST and SOC-2 certified.

Why partner with CareLinx

CareLinx is not a traditional brick-and-mortar home-care agency, but a nationwide online network of over 450,000+ non-medical caregivers dedicated to innovating better care for all. Partnering with us to improve senior health provides several distinct advantages.

Preferred, high quality care

CareLinx’s average net promoter score (NPS) is 90+. The home-care industry’s NPS is 6. Unprecedented access and choice in quality caregivers, modern technology solutions and exceptional customer service helps explain why customers prefer CareLinx care over others’ care 10 to 1.

Affordable and accessible care

As a digital caregiver network, CareLinx has few overhead costs and no markups on caregiver pay. We deliver the best prices the marketplace has to offer, with savings of up to 50% when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar agencies.

Improved quality of life

CareLinx improves quality of life for customers and caregivers. Customers get higher-quality care at lower prices; caregivers get to choose their own clients, wages, schedules and service areas. Everyone benefits.

Peace of mind

Individuals, families and clients are in good hands with full background checks on all caregivers, in-home intervention opportunities with technology, and motivated staff who truly care.

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  1. Eva H. DuGoff et al., Targeting High-Need Beneficiaries in Medicare Advantage: Opportunities to Address Medical and Social Needs Commonwealth Fund, Feb. 2019.