Plans include expansion of Nurse OnDemand program dispatching skilled nursing labor to healthcare facilities, providers and families, augmenting company’s existing nationwide care provider network of 500,000

February 9, BURLINGAME, Calif. - CareLinx Inc., the nation’s leading digital on-demand platform of tech-enabled care providers, today announced a long-term growth strategy to double its nationwide network of 500,000 skilled clinical and non-medical care providers to a total size of 1,000,000 professionals by the end of 2022. The company’s recently launched multi-state on-demand clinical nurse dispatch business-line, Nurse OnDemand, will also stretch its geographic footprint to be in every U.S. state.  

“As COVID-19 has pushed our nation’s healthcare system and our front-line nurses to their limits, we’ve received countless emphatic requests for additional skilled nursing staff to help support patients in critical need of care from healthcare partners across the country. In 2020, CareLinx received more than 300,000 hours of backup nurse and clinical staffing requests. We are proud to have answered that call by innovating and leveraging our established nationwide platform to provide on-demand nurse dispatch to facilities in many of the geographies hardest hit by COVID,” said Sherwin Sheik, CEO of CareLinx.

Through Nurse OnDemand, CareLinx is helping its enterprise partners efficiently book high-quality and skilled nurses, wherever they need support, including nursing homes, hospitals, surgical centers, home health agencies, physician offices and even patients’ homes. While Nurse OnDemand is currently assisting healthcare partners in California, Texas and Illinois, the company reports rapid new business acquisition, adding to its current roster of more than 275 enterprise clients by a rate of 40 per month.

“From my perspective as a veteran of the skilled nursing industry, the differentiators and value propositions for CareLinx are clear. When compared to traditional nurse staffing agencies and registries, CareLinx stands out for its comprehensive next generation technology platform that effectively serves the needs of both healthcare partners and professional nurses,” said Chad Miller, Vice President of Operations and Strategic Partnerships for CareLinx. “For example, our program far surpasses the traditional industry standard for turnaround times by dispatching nurses to fill shifts within 24 hours while ensuring nurses are paid within 48 hours of completing work at 25%+ higher compensation rates.” 

“I have worked with the CareLinx team and have found them to be very responsive, professional and personable. I am very big on communication, and so far, they have kept me in the loop on all my requests despite the outcome,” said Kevin Thomas, Regional Director of Operations for client Chancellor Health Care. “Of all the staffing agencies and registries I’ve worked with, I’ve found CareLinx to be among the best. I would highly recommend this team.” 

The existing CareLinx network of 500,000 skilled medical and experienced non-medical care providers includes Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Medical Assistants (MAs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Registered Nurses (RNs), Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and non-medical in-home care providers, including community health workers. 

“Our vision is to leverage our tremendous network of experienced professional care providers to fill every single hour requested by our clients nationwide, essentially becoming an extension of their clinical teams and their go-to partner for medical staffing on-demand,” said Miller.

All CareLinx care providers leverage technology that facilitates on-demand dispatch, patient health data capture, population health analytics, and the enabling of real-time care coordination with remote clinical teams. 

“For the last decade, CareLinx has been known for supporting families, large health plans and providers as a trusted and scalable nationwide non-medical in-home care partner. However, as healthcare continues to transition into the home and community setting, the need for tech-enabled care providers who can be successfully dispatched on-demand to support patients across the entire continuum of care is vital. CareLinx is positioned to be the preeminent digital care platform serving patients across the entire spectrum of care - from  basic light companionship care, to heavy dependency personal care (ADLs), all the way up to now include skilled nursing care able to be dispatched on-demand nationwide to any location,” said Sheik. 


About CareLinx

CareLinx is the nation’s leading technology platform of tech-enabled care providers, both clinical and non-medical, who can be dispatched on-demand to any location. The innovative CareLinx platform, including its Nurse OnDemand business, facilitates real-time care coordination driven by actionable data analytics across the care continuum in the post-acute care environment, leading to increased quality of care, better health outcomes, and significantly reduced total cost of care. Amplifying the efficacy of remote clinical care management teams, care providers dispatched through CareLinx, serve as clinician’s eyes, ears and arms, caring for patients in the home and in community-based settings across the U.S. To date, CareLinx has built a nationwide network of 500,000 tech-enabled, skilled and non-medical care providers, and the company works with several of the largest health plans and providers across the country as their trusted and scalable partner. CareLinx was acquired in 2017 by Generali, a Global Fortune 50 Company and one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers. Established in 1831, Generali is present in 50 countries around the world with nearly 72,000 employees serving 61 million customers. Visit us at


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