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It is time to leave winter behind and go outdoors. Put away the wool scarves and mittens and put on a smile.

Look forward to warmer weather
After a long and brutal winter, it’s a relief to know that warmer weather is just around the corner. Welcome the spring season with these six fun activities that seniors (and you!) will enjoy.

6 ways to celebrate spring with seniors

  1. Enjoy a picnic meal
    Whether you eat indoors at home or outdoors in the park, having a special picnic meal is a lovely activity. Active older adults can help with the prep too. Part of the fun can be planning the menu together! Think about traditional picnic foods like sandwiches or wraps, coleslaw, macaroni or potato salad, cookies, and lemonade. You could even invite family and friends and turn it into a festive potluck.
  1. Visit a farmers market
    Ah, fresh produce and flowers! Leisurely strolling (or being wheeled) around a farmers market is a perfect activity for seniors. There’s so much to see and sample. Plus, they can take home some fresh veggies for a healthy meal.
  1. Take a nature walk
    Once the weather warms up, take a walk (or wheelchair ride) through the neighborhood, go to the park, or visit a garden center. For those who are less mobile, sitting in the back yard, on the porch, or near an open window is just as nice.
  1. Bring nature indoors
    Spring means plants, flowers, and growth. Bring the beauty of nature inside by getting an easy-to-care-for plant, a fragrant potted herb like lavender, or some freshly cut flowers. Everyone can enjoy the scent and colors.
  1. Bird watch
    A sure sign of spring is the birds chirping outside. Attract even more wildlife to your window by making and putting up a simple DIY bird feeder.
  1. Do some spring cleaning
    Chances are, your older adult could stand to get rid of a few things around the house. Spring is a perfect time to clear out some of that clutter. It’s also a perfect opportunity to go through keepsakes and share special memories.

Bottom line
Everyone enjoys the coming of spring and promise of beautiful weather. Celebrate with these six senior-friendly activities. They’re perfect ways to appreciate the season together.

By Connie Chow, Contributing Writer and Founder of DailyCaring

Photo of Connie Chow, founder of DailyCaring

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