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10 signs to watch for at Thanksgiving when visiting older relatives and how to communicate to know if there are warning signs

The holiday season brings families back together to reunite, catch up, and recognize the need for assistance for older adults. Many adult children who live farther away from their parents or older relatives are not aware of possibilities of deteriorating personalities and physical functions. Some adult children don't realize what is happening, and by the time they visit, it could be too late. It is crucial to come together this holiday season, in whatever format, to observe, identify if there is an issue, and have the talk to ensure your older parents or relatives will be taken care of.

Alzheimer’s disease symptoms and support: What families should know

As we recognize World Alzheimer's Month in September, it’s important to know the early warning signs to watch for and how you can support a loved one with Alzheimer’s. Click to read more!

Why Do Seniors Shuffle When They Walk?