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Art therapy is relaxing and allows for creativity. This week’s article introduces readers to beautiful coloring books for grown-ups!  Makes sense. Grandparents can color their art while youngsters color age-appropriate designs like Power Rangers or princesses.

Activities prevent boredom and depression
Boredom in older adults can cause many problems, including difficult behavior and depression. Nobody wants to sit around doing nothing all day, no matter what their age. Those who have moved in with relatives or into a facility are most likely to be bored.

Create beautiful art – no skills needed!
A great activity for seniors is to explore their artistic side. For those who don’t enjoy painting or free-hand drawing, give these fine art coloring books a try. They’ll get the joy of creating a beautiful work of art with no artistic skills required!

Beautiful coloring books for seniors
We found some non-childish coloring books that are perfect for seniors. The pictures are realistic and lovely while the subjects will interest many older adults.

The pages are perforated so they’re easy to remove. Colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor paint can be used on the high-quality paper. The lines are gray, so they’ll basically disappear after the pictures are colored in. The finished artwork will look great on display!

Attractive coloring book options
Here are some coloring books that we especially like:

Bottom line
At around $5 each, these gorgeous coloring books are definitely worth a try! They could bring your older adult hours of relaxing fun.

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By Connie Chow, Contributing Writer and Founder of DailyCaring
Image: Dover Publications


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