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We invited Chris Rodgers to tell us more about their annual healthy New Year’s Resolution campaign so we could share the idea with our families and caregivers. Let’s join the British and make a healthy New Year’s resolution in jan-U-ary to do something to improve your health in 2017. 

New Year is always a watershed. A time for each of us to take stock and think about what we want to achieve for the next 12 months.

January 9 marks the start of the fourth JanUary campaign in the UK – the purpose of which is to encourage everyone to do something that will improve their health in 2017, joining us in a national healthy New Year’s Resolution. The reality is that all of us could be a little healthier. And whether that means thinking and changing what we’re eating or drinking, or being a little more physically active, the results can be profound.

It’s something that everyone in the UK needs to think about. Obesity and overweight are significant problems, affecting millions of people of all ages. And that affects levels of diabetes and heart disease. It puts greater pressure on our healthcare system. And it fundamentally affects people’s quality of life.

The trick to successfully taking part in JanUary is making a resolution that you can stick to. Too many people make New Year’s Resolutions with the best of intentions, but which are ultimately unachievable. And the result is that most are dropped within a matter of weeks. The third week in January is usually when most people run out of steam on their resolutions.

This year, it’s time to do something a bit different. Take a look at your lifestyle and pick something that you can commit to for a whole year. You don’t need to set yourself a goal equivalent to running a marathon. Better that you commit to drinking water instead of a sugary drink, walking rather than taking the car or bus if you can, or maybe taking the opportunity to learn how to cook new things.

Those are New Year’s Resolutions you can stick to. No, they probably don’t feel like earth shattering commitments. But that’s the point. And by sticking to them, you’ll ultimately help your own health outcomes.

So if you’re joining us in the UK in making a healthy resolution, the best of luck. And a very happy New Year.

Chris Rodgers, guest author
White House Consulting (UK)

GOOD for U jan-U-ary website

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