Our diets can help improve our lives drastically for the better, increasing positive health outcomes to help our bodies thrive. As we age, our bodies find it more difficult to absorb the nutrients we so desperately need and it is crucial that seniors today are receiving the best nutrition outcomes possible. Here are some helpful tips in what seniors can do to improve their diet and help their overall health: 

Make the brain work! - These types of foods (also known as “brain foods”!)  are essential in helping the brain improve cognitive functions. Dark leafy greens like kale and spinach, blueberries, eggs, and fish like salmon, mackerel, and sardines are proven to improve cognitive functions. Increasing intake for these foods can really help sustain and improve cognitive functions as we age gracefully.  

Keep your heart happy! - Foods that keep your heart healthy and strong should be at the forefront of any person’s diet. According to Mayo Clinic, foods such as oats, brussels sprouts, and beans are naturally proven to lower cholesterol and boost heart health in adults. With five to ten grams or more of soluble fiber a day, it can potentially help decrease your LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Oatmeal for breakfast? Yes please!

Maintaining healthy bones! - As we age, bone health is crucial for maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle and keeping our bodies physically in shape. Whether you want to keep up with grandkids, or maintain that steady pace on your daily nature walk, keeping your bones strong is key. Dairy products (such as milk, cheese, and fatty fish like salmon and mackerel) are always great sources of bone-building foods.  One secret in improving overall bone health is calcium and vitamin D. Foods such as tofu, almonds, and sardines are great sources of calcium, where mushrooms and eggs are a great source of vitamin D. According to Mayo Clinic, you need vitamin D to help absorb calcium, so that your bones can remain strong and healthy. Making sure your diet consists of these types of foods can really help build up your bone strength, try it out for yourself!

Meeting healthy diet and nutrition needs for seniors is important for promoting overall health and wellness. One way to keep things running smoothly is receiving caregiver assistance! Families can create tasks for caregivers to meal prep for their loved ones, cook certain types of meals, and log meal intake. This can help seniors receive the high quality nutrients they need to keep going and be the best versions of themselves. With the help from caregivers and the collaboration from families, the possibilities are endless!

September 25, 2020
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