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I am confident that I am a great caregiver due to my dedication to serve. I have a high level of empathy that has stemmed from my mother's many years of experience as a nurse, past volunteering experiences in hospital settings, and my experience as a nurse aide. I work well and keep myself motivated even in disturbing situations. I have a high tolerance for challenging care giving tasks, and love to learn new challenging fundamental nursing tasks as needed. I became a caregiver after realizing that I had the willingness to serve after spending time volunteering at a Kindred Hospital within my neighborhood my last year of high school. I had received compliments from my health science instructor on my attitude and energy despite a patients bad day. It was from this stepping stone experience as a teenager that I knew that God had instilled the gift of strong empathy and the willingness to serve towards care giving. I like being a caregiver because to me it doesn't feel like a job, it feels more like me just being able to fully be myself. I feel that the care giving role naturally fits my personality and my purpose in life, just as God has intended. Due to me being in my first year of nursing school, the experience as a caregiver will shape and mold me into that model of a nurse that is greatly needed in today's society. My main personal achievement at this time that I'm proud of is making it into a nursing program, and being able to use the foundation I have as a caregiver