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Since my childhood days I wanted to work in job where I would help others. Thus I wanted to enter in the healthcare industry right from early life. When I was young my grandmother became severely ill and she could not care for herself. So, my family contacted a health agency to hire someone to help her. My grandmother's health status has improved considerably after a nurse assistant came and I was very grateful to her. It was at this point that I found joy in helping others. When others fail, I give it 110% and achieve success. When I was doing my training I had formed a bonding with an elderly patient. One morning while caring for her I had a gut feeling that something wasn't right, though her vital signs were perfectly OK. So, I went ahead and talked to my supervisor. When the doctor turned up and checked he found out that lady was ill. My attention to details helped the patient. I am an easy going person who gets along with the people very well. This characteristic of mine has made me team player at all previous jobs. I'm very happy to have an opportunity to apply such skills and an inherent caring attitude. I have served the younger and the elderly,physically and mentally impaired with an immense passion and fulfillment. I seek to enrich the life of your loved one and ensure their well-being on a daily basis. I have experience caring for people with physical/mental disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer's,etc.. In-home, hospice care and general elderly care. I provide the following services( for live-in/live-out/ respite care) but not limited to: groceries, grooming, companionship,dental care, assist with all ADL, medication reminder, all duties as requested by patient. I hope I talk to you soon.