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I have been a caregiver for 5 years I have certificates in Caregiving , CPR,and First Aid . I also have my Federal fingerprint card . . What I love most about being a caregiver is putting smiles on my clients faces... what makes me a special caregiver is that I pay very close attention to the details on how and what my client needs to ensure they get the best care possible . I have a very possetive attitude that I seems to bring out confidence in my my clients to do things that they thought they could not do because of a physical or mental condition . Giving possetive feedback to any person can help build up someones self esteem and help my clients to believe more in themselves and there challenges they face . I became a caregiver after my Aunt passed away , she was living in a retirement home for the elderly. My aunt was not a tiny woman but not obese she was covered in bedsores when they found that she had passed and her oxygen hose to help her breath was not properly attached to her oxygen machine . It was then that I decided that no one should ever have to live in those conditions and no family should have to go through the horrible experience that my family went through after her passing away . I have taken the place of caregivers that were let go by my clients due to either poor care to them or there loved one or because there prior caregiver was caught stealing. I keep myself and my home very clean so I have no problem with cleaning and scrubbing to help keep my clients home free of harmful bacteria that can cause infections and viruses that can be harmful to there health . I have experience working with clients whom suffer from dementia, bi -polar ,and manic depressive disorders . I also have experience careing for clients with COPD, Diabetes, stroke victims, nerve disorders , MS , incontinence issues ,and paralysis . I love being a caregiver ..