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Maintaining and expanding my reputation as an excellent caregiver and the acknowledgement of my excellent service that I frequently receive from my clients and their loved ones mean more to me than almost anything else. I am always working on expanding my knowledge, skills and talents. I am a hard, conscientious worker. I take great pride in all I do. I am literally loved by ALL of my clients because I respect them and consider them friends. I have received countless emails, cards and letters from them in my short career. At each visit I try to challenge and encourage my clients and they feel better about themselves and what they have accomplished that day. I am a good conversationalist, always trying to find out more about my clients' interests and our commonality. I often arrive with “tricks up my slieve” – little surprises – to “make their day.” (One client actually said this to me.) I have a reputation with my clients of being an excellent cook able to prepare a wide range of delicious dishes, beautifully presented. In fact one client’s spouse, who herself is an excellent cook, suggested that I become a personal chef for some bachelor or retired couple. I appreciate art, high design and always try to incorporate “good design” in things I create; that includes food presentation. I believe our daily activities should be as enjoyable as possible and our environments should be as beautiful as we can make them. “Life is Art!”