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I became a CNA because i enjoy caring for people i feel that i take pride in what i do i care for the public like i would care for a loved one of mines i don't half step or take short cuts just to get my job done i tend to do extra things that some CNA'S tend to over look. I work in a facility and i will be honest with you if i had a loved one that needed care i would rather hire a good dedicated CNA like myself to care for my loved one at home then to send them to a facility i feel your loved one would receive better care at home. What i like about being a caregiver is having the opportunity to care for the public whom can not care for themselves. I look at it like somebody got to do it but it has to be someone that really care and not just doing it just because. I feel that i may need someone to care for me one day and knowing that makes me enjoy the work that i do even more and that makes me more determined to keep doing what i do for many more years to come. I feel that being a CNA is my calling from God because it's not easy work and it takes a special person to do it. My personal achievement that i am proud was taking that first step to become a CNA and i will continue to better my self so i can go further with my career. I am an experienced CNA have been so for four years now i have the best skills caring for the elderly with Alzheimer's /Dementia people with this type of illness can be challenging and it takes lot's of patience the use of different technique