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How to prepare seniors with Alzheimer's or Dementia and their family this year for the holidays

The holidays represent a meaningful time of celebration and family traditions that always help bring people together. With constant adapting and changing throughout the holidays, whether it’s cooking a new recipe, or changing the family gathering to outdoors, seniors sometimes find it the most difficult to keep up with the many activities happening. The constant environment of family members mingling or moving can cause confusion and sometimes even anxiety for seniors suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Click now to read more!
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10 signs to watch for at Thanksgiving when visiting older relatives and how to communicate to know if there are warning signs

The holiday season brings families back together to reunite, catch up, and recognize the need for assistance for older adults. Many adult children who live farther away from their parents or older relatives are not aware of possibilities of deteriorating personalities and physical functions. Some adult children don't realize what is happening, and by the time they visit, it could be too late. It is crucial to come together this holiday season, in whatever format, to observe, identify if there is an issue, and have the talk to ensure your older parents or relatives will be taken care of.
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With the holidays approaching, now is a great time to invest in self-care

With the holidays fast approaching, caregivers have an amazing opportunity to rest, recharge, and invest time in themselves to come back ready to care for the ones they support. Taking care of your overall well-being is crucial in maintaining a strong balance between daily life and work, and we here at CareLinx want to encourage all caregivers to take time for themselves this year. Take a look below at some ways you can invest in yourself this year: 
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Exclusive Interview with CareLinx Caregiver Jose!

CareLinx Care Liaison EJ sat down for an exclusive interview with CareLinx Caregiver Jose to discuss what it is like being a CareLinx Caregiver and how his skills have helped him provide high-quality care to those he supports. Check out the exclusive interview below!
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Key Foods To Help You Thrive As A Senior

Our diets can help improve our lives drastically for the better, increasing positive health outcomes to help our bodies thrive. As we age, our bodies find it more difficult to absorb the nutrients we so desperately need and it is crucial that seniors today are receiving the best nutrition outcomes possible. Here are some helpful tips in what seniors can do to improve their diet and help their overall health: 
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COVID-19 and Senior Housing

While we are all hoping for continued advancements in the scientific understanding of COVID-19 including vaccine and therapeutic developments, our team at CareLinx has been focused for months on helping our community safely and effectively receive all of their care needs. Although eventually there will be an end to this unprecedented pandemic, the question of “when” is still unknown. Medical experts and researchers are theorizing and preparing for life post-COVID-19.
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Telehealth's Advantages for Seniors during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created obstacles for seniors venturing out and seeking guidance from their medical care providers. Due to the high risk of being exposed to the virus, many seniors are home bound to help protect themselves from contracting COVID-19. Medical care remains a crucial element to seniors' way of life and many caregivers are trying to figure out ways to connect their seniors to their doctors. 
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Family Activities To Do At Home With Your Senior

Fun virtual activities to do with your senior safely at home!
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Reducing Stress During COVID-19

Tips for dealing with stress and caring for yourself during COVID-19
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Standing Together Against Racial Injustices

Earlier this week I shared an important message internally with the CareLinx team and felt it was important to make it available to our clients, caregiver community, and partners. You can read the letter below.