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I remember being a young girl and I would go with my grandmother as she was taking care of an elderly lady named Helen. Helen taught us how to make cinnamon rolls I enjoyed spending time with her and helping my Grandma attend to her needs. A few years ago I had got a new job as a receptionist of assisted living retirement facility I was there receptionist for about four months. There was an opening as a caregiver which was more hours than what I was getting as a receptionist so I decided to do the training and become a caregiver. My first couple of weeks as a caregiver a lot of our residents we're getting sick and we had a few that passed away. My heart was overwhelmed I didn't know if I had made the right decision. But then I had a talk with my sister and she mentioned to me that I had to think about it in different way she says remember yes you're seeing them in hard times when they're sick and they die but remember your put in their life for a reason think of yourself as their angel you're there for them in there last days or time of sickness. I've learned that I was taking care of all these residents I was not only being there for them and their needs and then their last days but I was honestly building relationships with them that's something that has totally changed my life. I've seen so many seniors that do not have a voice to speak up for themselves and the way they are cared for. I want to be that voice for seniors and the elderly I want to be that helper to help them in their time of need. It's just something about this type of work and gives me a fulfillment of knowing that I'm helping someone when they can't do it themselves or speak for Themselves. I take this very seriously.